A chemical pregnancy is a very early pregnancy loss, usually before the fifth week. The egg is fertilised, and starts to implant in the uterus. Chemical pregnancies are very common and as they occur not long after conception and many couples may not realise they have had a chemical pregnancy. 

When you’re deciding which fertility clinic to start your IVF journey with, success rates can be one factor to consider. However, when comparing IVF success rates it can be confusing. Here are 3 tips to help you understand and interpret IVF success rates.

There’s been much speculation that COVID-19 vaccines might affect a man’s fertility. Though there is no evidence that COVID-19 vaccines impact fertility, there are recent studies suggesting that one potentially long-lasting consequence of having infection with the SARS Cov-2 virus  (COVID-19 virus) affects male fertility adversely and may cause male infertility. 

There are infusion fertility “add-ons” that are sometimes offered before starting fertility treatment. In this article, we will explain how the infusion works and if it should be used as an add-on for fertility treatment.

Carrier screening is a test to determine if you are a carrier of a specific disease. Even if you don’t have the disease, you can be a carrier of the gene causing the disease. In this blog, we’ll explain how genes work and if you should have your embryos tested for genetic abnormalities.

Having a miscarriage is extremely distressing and sad. Many women feel they have done something wrong or that there is something wrong with them. This is not always the case and unfortunately, miscarriages are common. With a natural pregnancy 1 in 5 are miscarriages. With IVF pregnancy 1 in 4 pregnancies miscarry. 

In Australia, robots are used for many different types of surgeries, such as prostatic surgery now robotic surgery can be used during fertility treatment. Using robot technology in fertility treatments allows complex manoeuvres, excellent magnification, reduced blood loss and faster recovery time.


Endometriosis is when tissue, similar to the lining of the womb, is found typically in the pelvis and around the womb. Here are 4 things to know about endometriosis.

Understanding infertility and the treatments can be overwhelming. The first decision to make will be choosing a fertility clinic. With so many fertility clinics, it can be hard to decide what clinic is best for you. Here are some questions that you should ask a fertility clinic before starting any treatments.

Many human embryos have genetic abnormalities. Genetic abnormalities are extra or missing chromosomes or parts of chromosomes, which is very common in human embryos and here’s what can happen.